Londons Greasiest Blues Band

Jake Vegas and The Black Diamonds

DatesLondons Greasiest Blues Band

Jake Vegas & The Black Diamonds

London’s Greasiest Blues Band

The last in a long line of bands originating from Soho’s after hours club scene, created from a love of the “Old School,” The Black Diamonds are a unique sound in the Modern World! Expect an exciting night of Blues, Rhythm n’ Blues, Jazz, and Rock n’ Roll from experts in having fun!

The Black Diamonds can be found skulking around London’s seediest dive-bars and speakeasies. The band’s raw and authentic energy keeps audiences drinking and dancing till the early hours.

Few contemporary musical acts can project the authentic power of the blues, an aged and grizzled energy, like Jake Vegas & The Black Diamonds. Those who’ve heard the band and lived to tell the tale say The Black Demons would be a more fitting moniker.

Made up of London’s finest blues musicians and fronted by mysterious legend, Jake Vegas, the band pumps out a staggering variety of blues tunes recognisable only to the most fanatical blues fans. The Black Diamonds singlehandedly keep the spirit of the blues alive on London’s live music scene.

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